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These web pages provide ideas and inspiration for your program delivery through collaborative contributions from educators and students. Together we’ll create an ever expanding database showcasing projects/programs from the 8 learning areas. To support you in the creation of video content, the VALA Movie app has been developed (for both iOS and Android). The app will guide you through the process step by step and allow you to submit your video directly to VALA.

No film-making or editing experience required

The VALA Movie app has been designed for the user to intuitively create video content without having to deal with any complex editing requirements. The VALA Movie app will automatically edit your story and mix the appropriate audio and video without you having to worry about technical knowledge.

Already have video content you would like to share?

Please send it to us at movieapp@vala.asn.au using https://wetransfer.com/ and we’ll add it to the site.

Download the free app

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On to your iPad

Open your iPad browser and type into the search bar ‘Valamovie app in app store’. Bingo! The correct link will appear.

Ideas and Inspiration in the Key Learning Areas

This website and the VALA Movie app were developed with funding from the Department of Education and Training under the 2015-2017 Strategic Partnership Program.