Mobile screenshotVALA Movie app FAQ

Q. Do I need any film making and editing experience to use the VALA Movie app?

A. No, the VALA Movie app has been designed for the user to intuitively create video content without having to deal with any complex editing requirements. The VALA Movie app will automatically edit your story and mix the appropriate audio and video without you having to worry about technical knowledge.

Downloading the VALA Movie app

Q. Where do I download the VALA Movie app?

A. You can download the app for iOS in the Apple store or for Android in Google Play.

Q. Can I download the VALA Movie app from the VALA Movie web page?

A. Yes, you can click on either iOS or Android links on the official website to download the app to either your phone, tablet or iPad.

Q. I cannot find the VALA Movie app on the Apple store or Google Play with my iPad or Tablet?

A. To access the VALA Movie app for your iPad or Tablet on either store you need to select apps for iPhone to access the app.

Q. I want to put the App on my iPad but cannot find it in the App store

A. The Apple App  Store has several million apps (at least it feels like it) and you want one. Here’s the shortcut – on your iPad open your browser and type in the search bar ‘Valamovie app in app store’. Bingo! The correct link will appear.

Creating a VALA Movie account

Q. What information do I need to provide when creating an account?

A You must complete all fields with the asterisk symbol, which includes an image. You can use a photo of yourself or you can choose a random image.

Q. Can the app be used by students?

A. Yes, students can create their own student account and submit their projects. VALA Movie admin will contact the teacher (as indicated in the student submission) for verification and obtain permission to publish the video on the web. Submissions without a legitimate teacher contact will be deleted.

Q. I forgot my password!

A. If you forgot the password simply fill in the field with your registered email and the VALA Movie app will generate a new password for you to log back in.

Creating a project

Q. Do I have to fill in all details in the story outline?

A. Yes, you must fill in all fields with the asterisk symbol.

Q. Can I choose more than one learning area in the outline section?

A. Yes, you can choose multiple learning areas for your project.

Q. What does “Produced by” means?

A. “Produced by” means the name of the teacher.

Q. Can I add more than one student name on the outlive information?

A. You can add as many students on the student name fill in boxes, the VALA Movie app will automatically generate a new field after you enter the last name of a student.

Q. Can I change any details in the outline section once I have started my story board?

A. Yes, you can always change details, add/delete students, change learning areas etc. up until you submit the video

Q. Why can I not create multiple projects at the same time?

A. The app is designed to manage one project at the time due to memory and storage constrains for each device.

Populating the story board

Q. Where is the third box on my iOS?

A. Each section of the storyboard has three boxes that you must fill in by recording with the appropriate content footage, you can reveal the third box by scrolling left on top of the screen.

Q. Once I record a section of the video, can I edit the clip?

A. Yes, you can select the appropriate section of the clip by using the sliding bars. You can also delete and add a new recording.

Q. The story board prompts me to add specific content, e.g. teacher interview or cutaway. Do I have to follow this format?

A. No, these prompts are a guide only, however, the app is designed to increase and decrease the sound track at certain stages. (volume will be down during ‘interview’ sections and up during ‘cutaways’.)

Submitting your project

Q. I can’t seem to save my movie?

A. You need to fill every box before the VALA Movie app will upload the final movie.

Q. Why can’t I save the final movie onto my device?

A. The VALA Movie app does not allow you to save your final video to your device. VALA members can contact the admin panel and request access to the final movie which will be shared to you via WEtransfer.

Q. What happens when the I upload the video?

A. Your device will compress the video and upload it to a server where the admin panel will review the final clip and contact you before uploading the final video to the VALA Movie Vimeo channel.

Where does my video end up?

Q. Where can I see my video?

A. Once reviewed, the final video will be uploaded to a VALA Movie Vimeo channel where you can then search for your video and view it based on the key learning areas and year level.

Q. Can the VALA Movie app be used to film other video outside the classroom?

A. You can use the VALA Movie app to film other project but they will always end up on our server in which case you’ll need to contact the VALA Movie admin personnel to gain access to your film.