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1. From the CEO

2. Links to important VCAA information

3.VALA member discount – REAL ME.REAL YOU by Glenn Manton

4. New work order teacher tool kit

5. Videos for Change – Free webinar June 1 – Competition opens June 7, 2020

6. Deakin University MALT students need 15 minutes of your time…….

7. Free playmeo webinar – What Do Our Programs Look Like in a Post-COVID-19 World?

Helene Rooks VALA1. From the CEO

Dear Colleagues.

Welcome back to face to face learning! Just as we all thought we were on a set course of remote learning for the term this rollercoaster made another sharp turn!

Whilst you are doing more than you ever thought 2020 would ask of you, your hard work matters and we see you.

We also think your students see you, as we have heard many reports over the past days of big smiles and a new-found eagerness of students returning to the classroom. There are also students that engaged better, or even thrived, during the time spend remote learning and it will be challenging for them to return to, and for you to engage them in, the classroom.

Earlier this month VALA and Playmeo hosted a webinar focusing on the importance of ‘connection’. Whilst aimed at an on-line learning mode, the message and strategies are universal.

See the full webinar

Mark has another free webinar coming up next week ‘What Do Our Programs Look Like in a Post-COVID-19 World’. Why not join him?

Please stay well and stay connected.

With respect,

Helene Rooks, VALA CEO

2. From the VCAA

VCAA logoVCAL and VET Leaders Webinars were held on Friday 15 May and Tuesday 19 May.

You can now view a video recording of the 19 May session.

Further advice and supporting documentation is also available on the Schools and Educators COVID-19 page of the VCAA website.

If you have any questions about VCAL or VET you can still submit them to:

VCAL Unit – vcaa.vcal@edumail.vic.gov.au
VET Unit – vet.vcaa@edumail.vic.gov.au

3. VALA Member Discount – 15% off

‘Real Me, Real You?’ by Glenn Manton

(Previously titled ‘Put your damn phone down’)

 Stories and questions for change.

Real Me Real You?A must have book for students and educators – by Glenn Manton

‘This is the first book I’ve read from cover to cover.’

‘I missed my train stop, several of them actually, I was so engrossed in this book!’

‘I read it in one night. I couldn’t put it down and I keep thinking about the questions.’

Young people are constantly searching for opportunities to engage in ‘real talk’ and build real connections within both themselves, the world and those that are part of it.

In an age of misinformation, they are craving authenticity and this book will help you unlock just that. REAL ME.REAL YOU? doesn’t shy away from the truth and isn’t afraid to challenge the reader!

Featuring highly relatable stories and 50 gritty questions that will provoke investigative thought and discussion, REAL ME.REAL YOU? offers educators 50 outlined topics that can be used as ice-breakers, discussion points or complete lessons, on-line or in-person, which can also lead to some amazing integrated VCAL projects!

Order your copies here and receive a 15% discount of the book price when entering your VALA member password in the PROMO field.

4. Updated New Work Order Teacher Toolkit

BGK LLEN FYA logoThe Foundation for Young Australians in partnership with the BGKLLEN, have created a teacher toolkit for VCAL educators. First developed in 2017, the toolkit has recently been updated to reflect changes to 2020 curriculum. Drawing on the New Work Order report series from FYA, the New Work Order VCAL Teacher Toolkit offers resources required for teachers to facilitate an immersive learning experience that extends beyond the classroom 

Download the toolkit

5. Videos for Change for VCAL: High quality project based online curriculum – Free webinar

June 1, 2020 03:30 PM

Videos for Change logoAre you looking for high-quality project-based curriculum for remote learning?

Videos for Change is launching an online program, which will engage, empower and inspire your students in an end-to-end experience, run by High Resolves professional facilitators.

Videos for Change is a real-world, student-led, project-based learning experience, which can be aligned to curriculum, in which students create one-minute videos on issues they feel passionate about.

In a time of isolation and uncertainty, young people are looking for an opportunity to influence positive change. The 2020 Australian National Videos for Change competition will launch in May, asking Australian high school students to consider the question, “What does ‘community’ mean in a crisis?”

The Videos for Change Online Program will empower your students to get involved and contribute to a national conversation on issues that affect us all.

Register for this webinar

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

6. Deakin University MALT students need 15 minutes of your time….

Deakin UniversityA new generation of aspiring VCAL teachers currently undertaking the Masters of Applied Learning and Teaching (MALT) at Deakin University is seeking to learn from your knowledge and expertise.

The unit ‘ECN725 Teaching Strategies for Vocational Pathways’ requires them to explore and write a case study of a vocational learning program.

They would love to get in contact with you for a short interview (15 minutes with questions sent beforehand) and perhaps a short interview of student or student(s) on a vocational pathway.

The interview will focus on information that could inform the case study of the program, potentially in the format of how the program meets student’s needs, their learning journey and their community.

If you have 15 minutes to spare and would like to support these students, please contact Juliet Austin, Lecturer & Tutor at Deakin University

Juliet.austin@deakin.edu.au phone 03 524 79409

7. What Do Our Programs Look Like in a Post-COVID-19 World?

 Free Playmeo webinar

Playmeo groupThe current health and economic crisis triggered the first wave of enquiries about how to adapt much of our in-person group sessions for a virtual audience.

Now, with the easing of COVID19 restrictions in many parts of the world, the second wave of enquiries must necessarily focus on implementing critical health, hygiene and physical distancing measures to keep our workplaces and groups safe as we come together again.

Join Mark Collard and friends  in a LIVE 60-minute Webinar & panel conversation to discover what we know (so far) about implementing an effective response to COVID19 in your school, workplace and outdoor program.

Expect to walk away with a clearer understanding of what your in-person programs could look like next week, next month and next year, and seek answers to some of your most challenging concerns and questions.

Mon 1st June 18:00 pm (USA, EDT)
Tue 2nd June 8:00 am (Australia, AEST)

Free, yet limited to 500 spaces

Register now