‘No Props No Problem’
Free copy distributed in person at the Induction Day

No Props No Problem Front CoverEvery registrant gets a free copy of the new publication from playmeo written by Mark Collard – regular presenter at VALA conferences.

The book will give you

  • hundreds of fun group games and activities that require no props
  • powerful tools to engage unwilling participants
  • a program model that guarantees your group will play, interact, trust and learn.

Exclusive Bonus

No Props No Problem comes with three great bonuses (available to VALA members through the Member Resources)

  • A QR code linking to videos, tutorials, leadership tips and variations on the playmeo website QR code?
  • A free Group Games App to access it all from the palm of your hand
  • Forty ready-to-play Program Templates.

Valued at over $50 AUD, No Props No Problem was launched at a major US conference in late November and the VALA Induction Day is it’s first big day out in Australia.

Here’s a sample …

Click the images below to browse a sample activity

playmeo sample

playmeo sample

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