Regional Masterclasses

'Passionately Planning Integrated VCAL Programs'

Bendigo June 7 • Warrnambool June 14

‘Passionately Planning Integrated VCAL Programs’

“I fell in love with VCAL – thanks!”

“Lots of effective, useful strategies that can be implemented.”

“Fantastic, dynamic, passionate and inspiring presenters!”


Cherie Osta – Lorne P-12 College – Winner of multiple VCAA VCAL Awards

Helene Rooks – CEO VALA


An absolute gamechanger (so we’ve been told)!!

Do you want to:

  • Increase student attendance?
  • Decrease behavioural issues?
  • Raise the profile of VCAL in your setting?
  • Increase student aspirations and self-esteem?
  • Develop happy teachers and students?

Always including the latest research, this Masterclass will provide you with the strategies and tools to do just that! This workshop is now packed with loads of new activities and projects! Been to this Masterclass before? Come again and get your fix of inspiration from our passionate presenters – it’s infectious!

Students learn through engaging, motivating integrated programs but an important key to their success is for the teacher to also feel passionate about what they are doing. Starting with the inspiration stage, you will learn about tried and tested projects, from the short-sharp and simple to large complex ones. It will take you on a journey of discovery…. yourself, your team, the students and the wider community and how to link it all together. What follows is the planning stage – where you get to plan your projects, supported by our passionate presenters. Strategies for getting the team on board, meeting outcomes, assessment and of course, the celebration, it will all be covered during the day! Bring your team and leave at the end of the day with your projects ready to roll.

Cherie Osta is an extremely committed and motivated teacher who develops meaningful and practical projects in collaboration with her students and the community. This has been acknowledged through multiple VCAA VCAL awards, with the 2017 VCAL Teacher of the Year Award the most recent. Cherie is a dynamic conference presenter and VALA committee member with over 8 years of working in applied learning at Lorne P-12 College.

Helene Rooks has over 15 years’ experience in teaching and coordinating the VCAL certificate at all levels. A qualified teacher, trainer/assessor and professional career counsellor, Helene is a passionate advocate of VCAL. Her extensive experience with VCAL includes roles as VCAL/VETiS/VASS/ and Careers coordinator. Helene has held the position as CEO of the Victorian Applied Learning Association since 2015.

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