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MEMBER newsletter March 2013

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1. Connecting Conversations - Registration is now open

2. Opportuntities for Young People at the Conference

  • Student helpers
  • Student Project Marketplace

3. Membership Renewals

4. VCAL 4 Life video

5. Success Snapshots - Update - St Kilda Youth Service (SKYS) WINNER

6. Consumer Affairs Victoria 2013 • Consumer Stuff Film Fest

7. Hepatitis Victoria - Street Shot Photo Competition

8. VISTA Breakfast Event

9. Free Resources

  • VCAL First
  • Working Community Program
  • Safe-T1

1.Connecting Conversations

2013 VALA ConferenceRegistration is now open

Early bird discounts apply until Friday, April 26, 2013

The 2013 VALA conference 'CONNECTING CONVERSATIONS' bursts into life in its new position in the calendar, Friday May 31st. Featuring a fantastic line up of not-to-be-missed workshops and presentations, the updated format features a plenary panel of outstanding guests as well as a new schedule of events. There is no reason to miss that all-important workshop this year since we are offering a number of sessions which are repeated during the day. Also new is an expanded role for applied learning students to contribute to the event (see below for more info). This year's conference promises to be bigger, broader and more tightly focused on teachers' needs than ever before. So don't delay, as places at the event are sure to fill fast.

Full program and registration

2. Young People at the Conference

There are two ways in which students can be involved in this year's Conference.

Student helpers

(Offer applies to Organisation members only)

Each year, VALA enlists a team of VCAL students to help with the administration of the conference and to assist both participants and presenters throughout the day. This is a challenging role that provides an invaluable experience in the areas of admin and hospitality. Why should they do it? These students will be responsible for front-of-house and customer service tasks associated with the running of the day, in particular interacting with and supporting the presenters and display personnel. The students will receive training before the event, a tour of the facilities and a look behind the scenes at the venue plus one day of workplace experience and an individual conference participation certificate. If you think your class could be the team for this job, contact Adam Cooper.

Student Project Marketplace

(Offer applies to any VCAL provider)

The Student Project Marketplace is an opportunity for students to show off the outstanding applied learning projects they have been working on. We are inviting small groups of students to come along and talk to participants about their efforts, to present a visual display and answer questions from an audience. We have 2 places left for teams of 3 students to present their project to our attendees in the afternoon. If you and your students are keen to be involved, contact Adam Cooper.

3. Membership Renewals

VALA logoVALA Members receive a range of benefits, including generous discounts on applied learning events, access to resources, invitations to online Professional Development and more. March is your last chance to renew your membership as we turn out the lights on unpaid memberships at the end of Term 1. Please don't forget to renew your membership; we are a friendly bunch but we can't hold it open for ever. End of Term 1 is the end of the line for renewals.

A second invoice was sent last week.

Not sure of your school or organisation is a member? Email Don for an update.

Renew or join online

4. VCAL 4 Life

VCAL 4 lifeThis short video is an accompaniment to our new VCAL First document and is intended as an introduction to VCAL for students, parents and new teachers. Produced by VALA for the DEECD, VCAL for Life puts VCAL in context for anyone new to VCAL, featuring interviews with award winning VCAL teachers, a parent and an employer. Of particular interest is the fact that this video has been produced with the assistance of a group of Senior and Intermediate VCAL students.

View the video.

5. Success Snapshots - Update

skys logoSt Kilda Youth Service (SKYS) WINNER - Outstanding Learn Local Organistion 2012

One of the earliest adopters of Community VCAL in Victoria. Since 2004, SKYS has grown in stature as an outstanding provider of Community Education and Training. SKYS uses a mixture of Arts, Technology, Social Enterprise and specialist youth support to engage 15 - 25 year olds experiencing a range of barriers to mainstream education.

More about SKYS

6. Consumer Affairs Victoria 2013 • Consumer Stuff Film Fest

Consumer AffairsThe Film Fest provides teachers with a creative and fun way to engage young learners, challenging them to make their own film on a consumer-based topic. Entering the competition is a great way for your students to tell us what they think about consumer issues that affect them - and there are some great prizes up for grabs. Entries close Friday, 6 September 2013.

Full competition details, visit the Consumer Stuff Film Fest page.

7. Hepatitis Victoria - Street Shot Photo Competition

Hepatitis VictoriaStreet Shot is a health promotion project that uses photography in a competition to raise awareness about viral hepatitis transmission amongst young people. Young people receive health education about viral hepatitis from Hepatitis Victoria (HV) and are supported by youth services and schools to take photos to reflect what they have learnt.

Hepatitis Victoria has conducted the Street Shot Photo Competition for the last 3 years with over 500 young people across Victoria participating in the project. Previous Street Shot entries.

8. VISTA Breakfast Event

VISTANext Steps for Refocusing Vocational Training in Victoria - Supporting a Modern Workforce VISTA Breakfast with HESG Deputy Secretary, Kym Peake, 9th April 2013 Premier Denis Napthine and Minister for Higher Education and Skills Peter Hall have announced the next steps towards building a strong and financially secure vocational training sector. Part of this initiative is the release of $200 million for TAFE in Victoria Kym Peake, Deputy Secretary of DEECD's Higher Education Skills Group (HESG) will present the findings of the TAFE Reform Panel's report and the subsequent Government recommendations arising from this initiative. While Refocusing Vocational Training in Victoria provided a sector-wide series of reforms, the initiatives contained in Next Steps for Refocusing Vocational Training in Victoria - Supporting a Modern Workforce are specifically targeted at the state's 14 TAFE institutes and four dual-sector universities. However, knowledge of the intent and implications of this strategy is critical for all VET professionals. Numbers for this event are strictly limited! William Angliss Conference Centre 5 / 555 LaTrobe St, Melbourne, 9th April (7.30am - 9 am)


9. Free Resources

VCAL First

VCAL first logoThis new digital publication, written especially for teachers who are coming to grips with VCAL programs for the first time, from VALA provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the essential concepts of VCAL.



Working Community Program

Working CommunitiesWorking Community is a community focused school program targeted at young people aged 15-17 who are moving into post-compulsory education. The structured applied learning program involves young people working in teams, designing and managing their own community projects.




VALA has developed some excellent resources for young workers with WorkSafe Victoria on OHS. These have been recently updated to align with the revised VCAL Personal Development Skills (PDS) units.