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1. Masterclasses • September 13, 2019

2. Safari by the Sea – Thursday Oct 31 – Friday Nov 1

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4. Road to Zero in School Regional Program launched!

5. Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

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1. Masterclasses • September 13, 2019

MasterclassesBest practice in applied learning delivery Details

David Gallagher, Former VCAA VCAL Unit Manager

Work Related Skills, SWL, work experience and VET – The whole package! Details

Narelle Bean, VCAA VCAL Teacher of the year 2016

Understanding and managing difficult behaviours in the classroom Details

Mal Hand, Swinburne TAFE

Flexible Learning – supporting students with complex needs Details

Jane Davey, PRACE College

Trauma Informed Positive Education Details

Speaker from Berry Street

Integration – Starting small – Blending VCAL needs with a VCE timetable Details

Melanie Brooks, 2018 VCAA VCAL Teacher of the Year

2. Safari by the Sea – Thursday Oct 31 – Friday Nov 1

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3. From the VCAA

VCAA notices logo2019 VCAL Numeracy Unit 2 webinar

Notice to Schools 93/2019 − 21 August 2019

The VCAA is conducting a professional learning webinar for teachers of VCAL Numeracy on Wednesday 4 September 2019. The webinar will present an overview on the new Numeracy curriculum units – Intermediate Unit 2 and Senior Unit 2 − and provide a forum for teachers to discuss the implementation of the units.

VCAL Numeracy teachers who were involved in the development of the units or who were part of the pilot program will provide support and ideas.

Teachers can register for the 2019 VCAL Numeracy Unit 2 webinar.

2020 Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Grants

Notice to Schools 78/2019 − 31 July 2019

Applications close 5pm Friday 13 September 2019 for the 2020 Lynne Kosky Memorial VCAL Grants. Each grant is valued at $6250 and will be awarded to up to eight registered Victorian VCAL providers.

Refer to the VCAA website for application guidelines and further information.

4. Road to Zero in School Regional Program launched!

Road to Zero

Replicating the popular VCAL program offered at Melbourne Museum, the In-School Program includes an immersive exhibition, followed by a curriculum-based education program.

Available to school/TAFE students who can’t easily attend the experience at Melbourne Museum due to distance (more than two hours’ drive from Melbourne) or special needs, Road to Zero will set up the exhibition within your setting for your students to explore different content at digital stations, including virtual and augmented reality activities.

Safe car showroomVery popular with VCAL students, with over 95% rating the program as either good or extremely good, they particularly enjoy the virtual reality technology, creating their own road safety advertisement and the hands on nature of the learning experience.

Web page and downloadable brochure:

Regional In-School Program short video clip:

All Road to Zero programs are free of charge.


Road to Zero Regional In-School Program: Call (03) 8341 7150 or email:

Road to Zero Melbourne Museum: Call (03) 8341 7767

5. Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Victorian Responsible Gambling FoundationHeavy promotion by the gambling industry means that many young people have grown up thinking that betting is a normal part of sport. This is cause for significant community concern, especially with gambling opportunities available 24/7 via apps, social media and online platforms.

The Foundation’s Love the Game School Education Program plays an important role in helping students to understand the risks and recognise the potential harms associated with gambling. The Program includes a range of school curriculum resources, including several that align to the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) curriculum.

For more information about the Foundation’s broader School Education Program and to view their free curriculum resources, please visit

6. Membership - join for 2019

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