Local Organisations

The organisations and networks listed below may have local branches offering professional learning in the following areas:

Early in Life Mental Health Service (ELMHS) / Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Various hospitals or health networks have a CAMH or ELMH service that may be useful to contact. While they may not explicitly offer professional learning on their website, they may work with local schools and offer tailored professional learning.


Flexible Learning Victoria (FLV)

Flexible Learning Victoria (FLV) has been established as an overarching professional body to formalize and strengthen ties between flexible and inclusive learning providers (FILPs) throughout Victoria. FLV seeks to provide a community of practice that will enable advocacy, networking, partnerships, research and professional development for FILPs; ensuring that providers of flexible and inclusive learning programs are supported to empower young people to pursue their aspirations.


Local Learning & Employment Networks (LLENs)

There are 31 Local Learning and Employment Networks or LLENs, covering all regions in Victoria. The core role of LLENs is the creation and development of sustainable relationships, partnerships and brokerage of initiatives with and across local education providers, industry and community. LLENs have a particular focus on young people at risk of disengaging, or who have already disengaged, from education and training and are not in meaningful employment. Many LLENs offer professional learning for schools and work with flexible learning programs.


NDCO - National Disability Coordination Officer Program

There are seven National Disability Coordination Officers (NDCOs) in Victoria. Each NDCO supports a region. Visit your Regional page for contact details for your officer, and information about events. Some NDCOs offer professional learning, for example, on inclusion.


Police Youth Resource Officers

The Youth Resource Officer program is a policing youth framework that increases the capacity of police to deal with police and youth issues. Youth Resource Officers are assigned to Local Government Areas. Some Police Youth Resource Officers work with local schools and have offered professional learning sessions. Contact your local Police Youth Resource Officer to find out what may be available in your area.


VET Clusters

There are VET clusters that operate in regions around Melbourne and Victoria. There is no single website for all VET clusters, but you can locate them through an internet search on "VET Cluster". Some offer professional learning, though this may not be advertised on their website - so get in contact directly.

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