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This resource, tips and ideas page aims to support you and your team whilst delivering and assessing the VCAL from a distance.

It is based on contributions we receive from our network of passionate VCAL educators as together we extend the caring and sharing nature of our VCAL community. We will also add tips, hints and interesting links as we come across them. This is a page that will have regular updates (contributions will be in chronological order) so do check in regularly.

Please note, listings on this page are not an endorsement by VALA of the resource, either for QA purposes or VCAL outcome mapping. VCAL providers and educators are responsible to ensure compliance with the regulations and reporting requirements they are governed by.

Webinar: Interacting and Connecting in Online Settings

Webinar: Interacting and Connecting in Online Settings

Mark Collard (playmeo.com) gave a presentation to deepen your understanding of the value of ‘connection before content’ and let you experience a series of interactive exercises that are ideal for building engagement, connections and team skills for students involved in online settings.

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Current advice from the VCAA regarding the VCAL

As published at https://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/news-and-events/latest-news/Novel%20coronavirus%20update/Pages/SchoolsandEducators.aspx accessed on May 5, 2020 Focus of VCAL in Term 2 In Term 2 you should focus on ensuring that students remain connected to their learning,...

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Chasing Coral – Unstoppable Schools Project

Chasing Coral – Unstoppable Schools Project

Chasing Coral’s Unstoppable Schools Project, a project-based learning curriculum designed for middle and high school students, challenges students to work in the style of the Chasing Coral production team: diving into complex, autonomous research according to their own curiosities and embarking on a creative expression of their discoveries.

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* please note: this is for integrated projects, we will offer advice only, we will not write your project or do any outcome mapping.

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