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 In this issue

1. From the CEO (and Jane Davey)

2. From the VCAA

  • Revised administrative and assessment dates
  • COVID-19: Support and information for schools and educators
  • VCE and VCAL leaders’ webinars
  • Interactive communications channels

3. Membership password changing
4. 2020 membership fees the same as 2019

1. From the CEO

Helen RooksDear Colleagues.

We hope you are settling in well into these unusual times and the changes it has on your teaching practice and connection with your students. Some of you will feel more confident then others whilst we venture into a period marked by distance.

So here are a few words of encouragement from one of our VCAL Heroes, Jane Davey, Principal of PRACE College, VCAL practitioner since day dot.

Some exciting changes amid challenging times

Hi everyone and I hope you are adapting well to a very different looking term 2.

I have to say that I am feeling excited to see what we can do with our students this term. I love a challenge, and this could certainly revolutionise the way we look at education and in particular VCAL. Being a part of VCAL from the very beginning, I never thought that I would be given another opportunity to really push my knowledge, skills, and creativity to the limits and yet here we are. So I am ready, willing, able and very excited.

Will it be challenging? It sure will be. Will it be frustrating? Yep. Will technology let us down at times? Without a doubt! Will we want to curl up in a ball and hide under our protective doonas? At times, most probably, but has that ever really stopped us from doing anything? I say no it has not.

At PRACE we have worked relentlessly over the break to come up with some relevant and engaging projects.

  1. Daily check ins that focus on student’s wellbeing as well as attendance
  2. Journaling that focuses on their own mental health and well being
  3. Mini projects –
  • Minecraft education, where students build their own community. – (Oral Comm, PDS)
  • Health and fitness – (Oral Comm, PDS)
  • Bedroom makeover (numeracy)
  • Photography – What can I see from my window (Oral Comm, Literacy)
  • Meet my pet – Oral Comm
  • Staying connected during iso – (Literacy, PDS, WRS)

These are just a few and fingers crossed it all works, but so far, so good. We are staying connected via zoom, hangouts, google classroom, email, phone, messenger, text and Facebook. There is a huge novelty factor here for both staff and students.

So good luck everyone – not that you need it. You’ve got this. We are teachers because we are creative, we do think outside the square and we all genuinely care about our students. This really is fun and exciting and new. We are in this together and together we will give our students an experience that they remember fondly forever.

Take care of yourselves while you are taking care of your students and know that you do an amazing job.

Jane Davey

Over the next few days we will be adding some of the resources Jane and her team have developed on the Remote Resources listing page.

The VCAA have published more information on revised administrative and assessment dates as well as additional support for schools and educators. More below

We understand that DET and VCAA are working on further advice, including on Structured Workplace Learning arrangements. We will keep you informed when this is available.

For now, stay well.

Helene Rooks


2. From the VCAA

VCAA logoNotice to Schools 48/2020 – 17 April 2020

Revised administrative and assessment dates

Administrative and assessment dates are being revised in response to the recent Victorian Government announcement regarding VCE and VCAL in 2020.

Principals/Directors should ensure VCE, VET and VCAL coordinators are aware of the revised dates and that the ‘2020 Important Administrative Dates’ will be progressively updated and published on the VCAA website.

In relation to Targeted VET funding for government schools, the 28 April 2020 deadline for submitting VET enrolments on VASS for targeted funding has not been changed to allow for funds to flow to schools before the end of Term 2.


Notice to Schools 49/2020 – 17 April 2020

COVID-19: Support and information for schools and educators

The VCAA appreciates and supports your hard work and initiative in ensuring that Victorian students achieve the best-possible learning outcomes outside of the classroom during this time. As the situation progresses, the VCAA will provide you with the latest information and updates to deliver and administer your teaching programs.

VCE and VCAL leaders’ webinars

The VCAA is running a series of webinars to provide advice to senior secondary principals, teachers and educators in Term 2. The first webinars are targeted to principals on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 April 2020, followed by study-specific webinars for teachers and educators. Each webinar will include an introduction from the VCAA’s CEO, Sharyn Donald, presentations from its curriculum and assessment experts, and an opportunity to ask them questions.

Registration is available on the VCAA website.

Interactive communications channels

F–10 and senior secondary teachers may also access two new interactive communication channels from 27 April 2020. These will enable teachers to ask questions and receive answers in real time from our subject matter experts across the organisation.

A user acceptance form and Forum Community Guidelines will be available to download from VASS. VASS Administrators can email this form to relevant teachers and educators so they can complete, obtain their Principal’s endorsement and submit the registration form, ready to take part.

During this time, it is more important than ever to encourage your teachers and educators to support each other by sharing information and communicating with the VCAA when required.

3. Membership password change

We will be writing to members next week updating their password for access to the Resources.

Watch for it.

4. 2020 membership fees the same as 2019

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