vacl-first-logoA guide for teachers new to the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

Revised for 2019

This digital publication from VALA provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the essential concepts, methods and requirements of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.

VCAL First has been written especially for teachers who are coming to grips with designing and delivering VCAL programs for the first time. Featuring numerous links to specific information from VCAA and other relevent sources, VCAL First gets straight to the information new teachers need most.

Written and edited by Linnet Hunter with informed and engaging contributions from a range of experts in the field, this beautifully illustrated epublication is sure to be on your must-read list for term 1.

VCAL First will also be updated regularly with first hand examples of award winning projects, QA templates and interviews with leading teachers.

Published by Victorian Applied Learning Association with generous support from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, VCAL First is available for free download.


  • VCAL: You are here

Section 1 WHAT

  • Curriculum Planning Guide
  • Structure
  • Levels
  • Strands
  • Integrated programs
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • Other units/general credits towards the VCAL qualification
  • Timing
  • Connections between VCAL, VCE and VET

Section 2 WHY

  • Why do we have VCAL?
  • Applied Learning
  • Principles of Applied Learning and support activities

Section 3 WHO

  • Who offers VCAL?
  • Who ‘s who in VCAL
  • Professional organisations

Section 4 HOW

  • Reaching consensus
  • Getting to know the group
  • Planning
  • Planning a project
  • Summary
  • Assessment
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Principles of assessment
  • S stands for …
  • Designing assessment
  • Evidence
  • Rules of evidence
  • Sample assessment tool – checklist

Section 5 What about VET?

  • VET and Employability Skills
  • Acronym list