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vcal-4-life(The VCAA is the official source of advice for all information regarding operational aspects of the VCAL. For further information, please refer to the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority “VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook, 2013” and the monthly VCAA bulletin. If you require additional assistance please contact the VCAL Unit at the VCAA on (03) 9032 1727.)

This short video is an accompaniment to our new VCAL First document and is intended to introduce the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) to students and parents who are considering options for post compulsory study in Victoria.

The video promotes VCAL as an opportunity for students to meet learning outcomes through a range of activities, including real life work. It also promotes the idea of VCAL as a way to boost confidence in students and to get them out into the real world.

This video was written and filmed by Senior and Intermediate VCAL students from Pakenham Secondary College. The activities associated with it’s production contributed to their VCAL certificate. They are featured talking about their experiences of VCAL in an unedited and unrehearsed manner. The video also features interviews with award winning VCAL teachers speaking candidly about their projects and the effect that VCAL has had on their students. Added to this, we hear from a VCAL employer and a parent speaking openly about her son’s VCAL journey.

VCAL 4 Life is VCAL at it’s best…engaging students and highlighting the efforts of those who support them. As a vivid snapshot of the successes VCAL has produced, it is a must-see for any student, teacher or parent who is considering becoming involved in VCAL.