What is applied learning?

“Applied learning is a teaching and learning pedagogy applicable to all education levels and content areas.

Applied learning is an approach, which emphasises the relevance of what is being learnt to the ‘real world’; the world outside ‘the classroom’, and makes that connection as immediate and transparent as possible. Partly as a result of this, applied learning involves students and their teachers in partnerships and connections with organisations and individuals outside school.

Applied learning is concerned with nurturing and working with a student in a holistic manner, taking into account their personal strengths, interests, goals and previous experiences. It also means taking into account differences in preferred learning styles, and ways of learning.

Applied learning acknowledges that part of the transition from school to work is being treated as an adult, and that moving students out of the classroom to learn also means helping them to make a shift to become more independent and responsible for their own learning.

Applied learning also places equal importance on both theory and application, where the link between them is provided by the context. Thus the theoretical understandings and knowledge required to complete a task will be drawn out from the context, which also provides the opportunity to use and apply what has been learnt.”

(VCAA, 2006)